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May 31, 2011

Hap Palmer - Feelin' Free

Hap Palmer
Artist: Hap Palmer
Album: Feelin' Free
Released: 1976
Label: Educational Activities, Inc. - Freeport, NY

"Who Wants To Touch And Be Touched"


Lee K. Seitz said...

Oh my...!

Anonymous said...

I bought this cassette tape at a thrift store and the songs are so crazy. It should never be a childrens' album

Anonymous said...

Some of the other hits on the album say things like "we like to bumpity bump cause it feels so good." I really want to digitize this tape. My sister bought it thinking it was going to be like "free to be you and me"...its hysterical.

PJ said...

I can just imagine the children listening to this... torn whether to raise their hand and say, "I do," or to run to mommy for a bath!

Wendyokoopa said...

I want someone too desperately

Wendyokoopa said...

put it into mp3s

Wendyokoopa said...

I first heard it on Dave's record collection