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Sep 21, 2010

Gary S. Paxton - Terminally Weird / But Godly Right

Gary S. Paxton
Artist: Gary S. Paxton
Album: Terminally Weird / But Godly Right
Released: 1978
Label: Pax Musical Reproductions
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"Fat, Fat Christians"

"The Clone Affair"

Sep 14, 2010

Roger McDuff - He Believes In Me

Roger McDuff
Artist: Roger McDuff
Album: He Believes In Me
Released: ?
Label: R.M.E.A. Productions
Studio: Hilltop Studios - Madison, TN

"Jesus Is Coming"

Sep 10, 2010

Joe Saint Michael - Sunshine Of My Heart

Joe Saint Michael
Artist: Joe Saint Michael
Album: Sunshine Of My Heart
Released: 2005
Label: TRIROC®music
Studio: TRIROC®studio
Purchase CD: CD Baby

"Jesus Hears My Prayers"

"He Is"

Sep 3, 2010

Mixed Company - Where's The Stage?

Mixed Company
Artist: Mixed Company of Yale University
Album: Where's The Stage?
Released: 1987
Studio: Trod-Nossel Studios - Wallingford, CT

"Helter Skelter"

"Taco Bell Canon"