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Dec 22, 2009

The OSM Christmas 2009 Compilation

OSM Christmas 2009 Compilation

Click Here to download the OSM Christmas 2009 Compilation
and enjoy all the unique, odd and unusual music
you can handle in one sitting.

"O Holy Night"

"Take Jesus Shopping"

Merry Christmas!

Dec 4, 2009

The Heritage Singers - Heaven Is For Kids Vol. II

Heritage Singers
Artist: The Heritage Singers - Placerville, CA
Album: Heaven Is For Kids Vol. II
Released: 1980
Label: Heritage Records
Studio: Martinsound - Alhambra, CA
Purchase CD:

"The Garden Of Eden Zoo"

Dec 2, 2009

The Stronghold Company - Godspeed

Artist: The Stronghold Company
Album: Godspeed
Released: 1971
Label: Mark Custom Recording Division

"We Need Us"

Nov 23, 2009

The Hillside Singers - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

The Hillside Singers
Artist: The Hillside Singers
Album: I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
Released: 1972
Label: Metromedia Records - New York, NY
Purchase CD:

"We're Together"

Nov 9, 2009

Parravano & Welz

Parravano & Welz
Artist: Amy Parravano & Joey Welz
Album: Songs from the Award-Winning Songwriting Team of Parravano & Welz
Released: 1998
Label: Peridot & Caprice International

"Rang-A-Tang Boogie"

"Rock & Roll Car"

Nov 6, 2009

Austin Barry - Obsession

Austin Barry
Artist: Austin Barry - Babylon, NY
Album: Obsession
Released: 2008
Label: Canadian American Records
Studio: Caprice International Studios - Lititz, PA

"The Sky's The Limit"

"My Big Four"

Oct 21, 2009

Teresa Allan on the Amazing Q Chord

Teresa Allan
Artist: Teresa Allan - Barefoot Bay, FL
Album: Abandoned To Thee
Released: ?
Purchase CD:

"Psalm 23"


What is a Q Chord?

Oct 19, 2009

Brandt Gillespie - That's Home

Brandt Gillespie
Artist: Brandt Gillespie
Album: That's Home
Released: ?
Label: BGM Records
Studio: Helffrich Recording Labs

"I Picked A Winner"

Oct 16, 2009

Sacred Heart Choir - Go Tell Everyone

Sacred Heart Choir
Artist: The Sacred Heart Choir and Instrumental Group
Album: Go Tell Everyone
Released: ?
Label: Avant Garde Records - New York, NY

"Glory to the Risen Lord"

Oct 14, 2009

Little Marcy - Happy Am I

Little Marcy
Artist: Little Marcy (Marcy Tigner)
Album: Happy Am I
Released: 1973
Label: Word Records

"Devil, Devil, Go Away"

Oct 12, 2009

Shoji Tabuchi - Fiddles & Sings

Shoji Tabuchi
Artist: Shoji Tabuchi
Album: Fiddles & Sings
Released: ?
Label: Jin Records

"San Antonio Rose"

Oct 9, 2009

Central High School Jazz Lab - Big Swing Face

Central High School Jazz Lab
Artist: Central High School Jazz Lab - York, PA
Album: Big Swing Face
Released: 1973
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA


Central High School Jazz Lab

Oct 5, 2009

Nick Gallup

Nick Gallup
Artist: Nick Gallup
Album: Self Titled
Released: 1998
Label: Caprice International Records - Lititz, PA
Purchase CD:

"Shake It Up and Down"

"Save It All For Me"

Sep 30, 2009

Broadcasters For Jesus - The Greatest Is Love

Broadcasters For Jesus
Artist: Broadcasters For Jesus
Album: The Greatest Is Love
Released: ?
Label: Crusade Records - Flora, IL

"Broadcasting For Jesus"

Sep 28, 2009

The Comet MC - Greatest Hits

The Comet MC
Artist: The Comet MC
Album: Greatest Hits
Released: 2008
Label: Canadian American Records
Purchase CD:

"Skeletons In The Closet"

"What's Up With That"

Sep 25, 2009

Count Floyd - 4 Song EP

Count Floyd
Artist: Count Floyd
Album: Self Titled 4 song EP
Released: 1982
Label: RCA Records

"Treat You Like A Lady"

Sep 22, 2009

Otis Skillings - Life

Artist: Otis Skillings
Album: Life - A Young World Musical
Released: 1970
Label: Impact Records - Nashville, TN
Studio: Whitney Recording Studios - Glendale, CA

"Young Once"

"What Would Other People Think"

"A Phony"

Sep 18, 2009

Anita de Palma & Los Acapulco '70

Anita de Palma
Artist: Anita de Palma & Los Acapulco '70
Album: Self Titled
Released: 1976

"The Joker Is Me"

Sep 9, 2009

The Swing Kings - The First Time

The Swing Kings
Artist: The Swing Kings
Album: The First Time
Released: ?
Label: Night Song Records

"Proud Mary"

Sep 7, 2009

The P.T.L. Singers - Praise The Lord

PTL Singers
Artist: The P.T.L. Singers
Album: Praise The Lord
Released: ?
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA

"Turn, Turn, Turn"

"He's Everything To Me"

Sep 6, 2009

Let's Sing About Jesus

Sing About Jesus
Album: Let's Sing About Jesus
Released: 1975
Label: Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, OH

"Jesus Loves All"

"Ten Lepers"

Aug 25, 2009

Steve Poorman - Watch What Happens

Steve Poorman
Artist: Steve Poorman
Album: Watch What Happens
Released: ?
Studio: NATTS Studios - Camp Hill, PA

"Light My Fire"

"She's Not There"

Aug 21, 2009

The Fall Guys - 5

The Fall Guys
Artist: The Fall Guys
Album: 5
Released: 1979
Label: Kahoots Records - Mechanicsburg, PA
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA


Aug 19, 2009

Slim & Sally Thompson - A Portrait of a New Life

Slim & Sally Thompson
Artist: Slim & Sally Thompson
Album: A Portrait of a New Life
Released: ?
Studio: Big River Studios - Robinson, IL

"The Unborn Baby's Secret"

Aug 17, 2009

Ray Boyer - Lift Up Your Eyes And Follow

Ray Boyer
Artist: Ray Boyer
Album: Lift Up Your Eyes And Follow
Released: ?
Studio: Rite Record Productions - Cincinnati, OH

"Where Are All The Christians"

"Just Call On Jesus"

Ray Boyer

Aug 14, 2009

Aug 12, 2009

Fontanna Orchestra and Chorus - Oldies But Goodies

Oldies But Goodies
Artist: Fontanna Orchestra and Chorus
Album: Oldies But Goodies
Released: ?
Label: Palace Records


Aug 5, 2009

Jeff Steinberg - Masterpiece In Progress

Jeff Steinberg
Artist: Jeff Steinberg
Album: Masterpiece In Progress
Released: 1985
Label: Glove Prints Records
Studio: Pinebrook Studios - Alexandria, IN
Purchase CD:

"Masterpiece In Progress"

Aug 3, 2009

Kay M. Weaver - From God, To You, Through Me...

Kay M. Weaver
Artist: Kay M. Weaver - Quarryville, PA
Album: From God, To You, Through Me...
Released: ?
Label: Hope Recordings - Lancaster, PA

"Hey Man"

"He Touched Me"

Jul 29, 2009

Joey Welz - Rock and Roll Gold

Joey Welz
Artist: Joey Welz
Album: Rock and Roll Gold
Released: 1989
Label: Caprice International Records
Studio: Turtle Beach Studios

"In My Car"

"I Love The Radio"

"Rockin' In America"

Jul 27, 2009

Jim Nabors - I See God

Jim Nabors
Artist: Jim Nabors
Album: I See God
Released: 1977
Label: Ranwood Records
Studio: United / Western Studios

"The Relative Man"

Jul 20, 2009

Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton - Ease Up

Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton
Artist: Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton
Album: Ease Up and 11 Other Hits By Special Request
Released: ?
Label: Ashley Records

"Jesus Is My Pusher"

Jul 17, 2009

The Farr Family - I'll Walk With God

The Farr Family
Artist: The Farr Family Band - Middletown, PA
Album: I'll Walk With God
Released: ?
Label: Farr Family Productions - Middletown, PA
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA

"Daddy Sang Bass"

Jul 13, 2009

Lloyd Lindroth - Welcome To My World

Lloyd Lindroth
Artist: Lloyd Lindroth
Album: Welcome To My World
Released: ?
Label: Dial
Studio: Soundshop Recording Studio - Nashville, TN
Purchase CD:

"Yakety Harp"

Jul 8, 2009

Joey Welz - I Love The Radio

Joey Welz
Artist: Joey Welz
45 Single: I Love The Radio / Video Rock
Released: 1987
Label: American Radio Records

"I Love The Radio"

Jul 6, 2009

The Touch of Father Tom Smith

Father Tom Smith
Artist: Father Tom Smith
Album: The Touch of Father Tom Smith
Released: ?
Label: Zeus Records - Nashville, TN

"Let Jesus Turn You On"

"The Jesus Hoedown"

Father Tom Smith

Jul 1, 2009

Jaime Sings

Artist: Jaime
Album: Jaime Sings
Released: 1981
Studio: Atlantic Sound Productions - Marietta, PA

"Rainbow Connection"


Jun 29, 2009

Sergio And His Band

Sergio And His Band
Artist: Sergio And His Band
Album: Sergio And His Band
Released: ?

"Tie A Yellow Ribbon"

Jun 26, 2009

Nancy Forry - Enlightening Music at the Yamaha E-70 Organ

Nancy Forry
Artist: Nancy Forry
Album: Enlightening Music at the Yamaha E-70 Organ
Released: ?
Studio: The KING'S Place - New Providence, PA

"Star Wars Medly"

Nancy Forry

Jun 24, 2009

Sunshine U.S.A.

Sunshine U.S.A.
Album: Sunshine U.S.A.
Released: ?
Label: Sunshine Records - Orlando, FL

"Gator Aid Popsicles"

Jun 23, 2009

Florence Foster Jenkins - The Glory (????) of the Human Voice

Florence Foster Jenkins
Artist: Florence Foster Jenkins
Album: The Glory (????) of the Human Voice
Released: 1962 (reissue)
Label: RCA Victor
Purchase CD:

"Like A Bird"

Jun 19, 2009

Colorado Teen Ambassadors For Christ

Colorado Teen Ambassadors For Christ
Artist: Colorado Teen Ambassadors For Christ
Album: Nazarene Ambassadors
Released: ?
Label: John Law Enterprises

"Oh Happy Day"