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Sep 25, 2013

Ron Carter - Rainbows in the Night

Ron Carter
Artist: Ron Carter
Album: Rainbows in the Night
Released: ?
Studio: Montana Recording Studio - Richmond, VA

"Don't Laugh At Me"

Sep 18, 2013

The Better Butter Burners at Jazzercise

Artist: Richard Levinson
45 Single: Better Butter Burners / Jazzercise Theme
Released: 1984
Label: Jazzercise, Inc.

"The Better Butter Burners at Jazzercise"

Sep 11, 2013

Super Hits of the 70's

Super Hits of the 70's
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Super Hits of the 70's
Released: ?
Label: RCA Record Club

Living Guitars "Spirit In The Sky"

Living Guitars "Let It Be"


Sep 4, 2013

The Soul Seekers

The Soul Seekers
Artist: The Soul Seekers
Album: Sing That's The Man I'm Looking For
Released: ?

"Wrapped Up, Tied Up In Jesus"