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Dec 29, 2010

Janie Cooper - Mother

Janie Cooper
Artist: Janie Cooper
Album: Mother
Released: 2007
Label: Smith Brothers Records
Studio: Simple Quality Studio

"Karate Boy"


Dec 25, 2010

The Love Story: A Christmas Choral Experience

The Love Story
Artist: The John Wilson Singers and Orchestra
Album: The Love Story
Released: 1978
Label: Hope Publishing Company - Carol Stream, IL

"The Christmas Story"

Dec 22, 2010

The OSM Christmas 2010 Compilation

OSM Christmas 2010 Compilation

Click Here to download the OSM Christmas 2010 Compilation
and enjoy all the unique, odd and unusual music
you can handle in one sitting.

"God's LSD"

Merry Christmas!

Dec 16, 2010

Marlene Hershey - Merry Christmas Melodies

Marlene Hershey Christmas
Artist: Marlene Hershey - Gap, PA
Album: Merry Christmas Melodies
Released: ?
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA

"O, Christmas Is Here"

"It Was For You That He Came"

Dec 7, 2010

Dec 3, 2010

Professor Harold Boggs - Have You Ever Had The Buts?

Professor Harold Boggs
Artist: Professor Harold Boggs with Warner Buxton
Album: Have You Ever Had The Buts?
Released: 1977
Label: Nashboro Records - Nashville, TN
Studio: Woodland Sound Studios

"Have You Ever Had The Buts?"