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Dec 29, 2011

Unity - The King Is Coming

Artist: Unity
Album: The King Is Coming
Released: 2004
Label: AHA Productions

"(Prelude) The King Is Coming"

Dec 25, 2011

The Kneeling Santa

The Kneeling Santa
Artist: Wendell Austen
7" EP: The Kneeling Santa
Released: 1982

"The Kneeling Santa's Prayer"

"Santa and the Christ Child"

Dec 21, 2011

The OSM Christmas 2011 Compilation

OSM Christmas 2011 Compilation

Click Here to download the OSM Christmas 2011 Compilation
and enjoy all the unique, odd and unusual music
you can handle in one sitting.

"Love Clogged My Heart"

"Virtually in Love"

Merry Christmas!

Dec 16, 2011

Christmas with Susie & Allie

Christmas with Susie & Allie
Artist: Jim & Tammy Bakker
Album: Christmas with Susie & Allie
Released: 1984
Label: PTL Club Records & Tapes

"White Christmas"

"Winter Wonderland"

Dec 13, 2011


Artist: Pentagon
Album: Pentagon
Released: ?
Studio: Helffrich Recording Labs - Wescoville, PA


"Chipmunks Christmas Song"

Dec 9, 2011

The Children Of Compassion

Children of Compassion
Artist: The Children Of Compassion
Album: Sometimes I Feel Like "A Motherless Child"
Released: ?
Label: Compassion, Inc. - Chicago, IL

"Jesus Loves Me / John 3:16"

Dec 6, 2011

Music Skills

M H Music Skills
Artist: Pam Tims & Gary Gassell
Album: Music Skills
Released: ?
Label: Melody House - Oklahoma City, OK
Studio: Producers Workshop - Oklahoma City, OK

"Follow The Bandleader"

Dec 2, 2011

The Mighty Mercer Mustang Marching Machine

Mighty Mercer Mustang Marching Machine
Artist: Mighty Mercer Mustang Marching Machine
Album: This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
Released: ?
Label: Mark Custom Recording Division
Studio: Al Teare Recording - Pittsburgh, PA