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and any other unique & curious stuff I dig up

Sep 30, 2011

Connestoga Valley High School

Connestoga Valley High School
Artist: Conestoga Valley High School Chorus & Band
Album: Spring Concert - May 7, 1972
Released: 1972

"Joy To The World"

Sep 27, 2011

The Owen Swinson Family - John Saw A City

Owen Swinson Family
Artist: The Owen Swinson Family
Album: John Saw A City
Released: ?
Label: SGM
Studio: QCA Recording Studios - Cincinnati, OH

"Who Will I See Next?"

Owen Swinson Family

Sep 23, 2011

Marching Excitement 1987-1988

Columbia Pictures Publications
Artist: Columbia Pictures Publications
Album: Marching Excitement 1987-1988
Released: 1987

"You Give Love A Bad Name"

"Walk Like An Egyptian"

Sep 20, 2011

March Into 86

Columbia Pictures Publications
Artist: Columbia Pictures Publications
Album: March Into 86
Released: 1986

"We Built This City"

"Party All The Time"

Sep 16, 2011

Mickey & Becki - Love Song For Number Two

Mickey and Becki
Artist: Mickey and Becki Moore
Album: Love Song For Number Two
Released: 1981
Label: Maiden Music - Upper Montclair, NJ
Studio: Glaser Studio - Nashville, TN
Purchase CD: CD Baby

"Goin' To Hell"

Sep 13, 2011

Fitness In Motion and Relaxation

Renate Kiscadden
Artist: Renate Kiscadden
Album: Fitness In Motion and Relaxation
Released: 1982
Label: CSP

"Happy Days"

Sep 11, 2011

The Fabulous Gabriel - Ten Years Later

Ten Years Later
Artist: The Fabulous Gabriel
Single: Ten Years Later
Released: 2011
Label: Slack Entertainment Group - Merchantville, NJ
Purchase CD:

"Ten Years Later"
Narration by Joseph Welz

Sep 9, 2011

Cindy Wirl - Light Above The Harbour

Cindy Wirl
Artist: Cindy Wirl
Single: Light Above The Harbour
Released: 2002
Label: Caprice International Records

"Light Above The Harbour"

Sep 5, 2011

Guided Angels Ministry - Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting
Artist: Guided Angels Ministry
Album: Watching and Waiting
Released: 2010
Studio: Echo Back Sound - Ephrata, PA
Purchase CD:

"America, The Beautiful"

Sep 1, 2011

ViennaCC - Connected

Artist: ViennaCC
Album: Connected
Released: 2009
Purchase CD:

"Chat Online"

"Online Chat Romance"

"Lady Smile"