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Jul 29, 2009

Joey Welz - Rock and Roll Gold

Joey Welz
Artist: Joey Welz
Album: Rock and Roll Gold
Released: 1989
Label: Caprice International Records
Studio: Turtle Beach Studios

"In My Car"

"I Love The Radio"

"Rockin' In America"

Jul 27, 2009

Jim Nabors - I See God

Jim Nabors
Artist: Jim Nabors
Album: I See God
Released: 1977
Label: Ranwood Records
Studio: United / Western Studios

"The Relative Man"

Jul 20, 2009

Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton - Ease Up

Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton
Artist: Leon Ashley & Margie Singleton
Album: Ease Up and 11 Other Hits By Special Request
Released: ?
Label: Ashley Records

"Jesus Is My Pusher"

Jul 17, 2009

The Farr Family - I'll Walk With God

The Farr Family
Artist: The Farr Family Band - Middletown, PA
Album: I'll Walk With God
Released: ?
Label: Farr Family Productions - Middletown, PA
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA

"Daddy Sang Bass"

Jul 13, 2009

Lloyd Lindroth - Welcome To My World

Lloyd Lindroth
Artist: Lloyd Lindroth
Album: Welcome To My World
Released: ?
Label: Dial
Studio: Soundshop Recording Studio - Nashville, TN
Purchase CD:

"Yakety Harp"

Jul 8, 2009

Joey Welz - I Love The Radio

Joey Welz
Artist: Joey Welz
45 Single: I Love The Radio / Video Rock
Released: 1987
Label: American Radio Records

"I Love The Radio"

Jul 6, 2009

The Touch of Father Tom Smith

Father Tom Smith
Artist: Father Tom Smith
Album: The Touch of Father Tom Smith
Released: ?
Label: Zeus Records - Nashville, TN

"Let Jesus Turn You On"

"The Jesus Hoedown"

Father Tom Smith

Jul 1, 2009

Jaime Sings

Artist: Jaime
Album: Jaime Sings
Released: 1981
Studio: Atlantic Sound Productions - Marietta, PA

"Rainbow Connection"