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Oct 21, 2009

Teresa Allan on the Amazing Q Chord

Teresa Allan
Artist: Teresa Allan - Barefoot Bay, FL
Album: Abandoned To Thee
Released: ?
Purchase CD:

"Psalm 23"


What is a Q Chord?

Oct 19, 2009

Brandt Gillespie - That's Home

Brandt Gillespie
Artist: Brandt Gillespie
Album: That's Home
Released: ?
Label: BGM Records
Studio: Helffrich Recording Labs

"I Picked A Winner"

Oct 16, 2009

Sacred Heart Choir - Go Tell Everyone

Sacred Heart Choir
Artist: The Sacred Heart Choir and Instrumental Group
Album: Go Tell Everyone
Released: ?
Label: Avant Garde Records - New York, NY

"Glory to the Risen Lord"

Oct 14, 2009

Little Marcy - Happy Am I

Little Marcy
Artist: Little Marcy (Marcy Tigner)
Album: Happy Am I
Released: 1973
Label: Word Records

"Devil, Devil, Go Away"

Oct 12, 2009

Shoji Tabuchi - Fiddles & Sings

Shoji Tabuchi
Artist: Shoji Tabuchi
Album: Fiddles & Sings
Released: ?
Label: Jin Records

"San Antonio Rose"

Oct 9, 2009

Central High School Jazz Lab - Big Swing Face

Central High School Jazz Lab
Artist: Central High School Jazz Lab - York, PA
Album: Big Swing Face
Released: 1973
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA


Central High School Jazz Lab

Oct 5, 2009

Nick Gallup

Nick Gallup
Artist: Nick Gallup
Album: Self Titled
Released: 1998
Label: Caprice International Records - Lititz, PA
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"Shake It Up and Down"

"Save It All For Me"