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Aug 28, 2013

Ted and Ruth Reinhart with Terri and Suzanne

Ted and Ruth Reinhart
Artist: Ted and Ruth Reinhart with Terri and Suzanne
Album: On Stage
Released: ?
Label: Teru Records

"Everything Is Beautiful"

"Daddy, What If"

Aug 21, 2013

The Magic of Movement - Activities Designed with the Senior Citizen in Mind

The Magic of Movement
Artist: Dr. Betty Sue Benison
Album: The Magic of Movement
Released: ?
Label: Melody House - Oklahoma City, OK

"Exercise #6 - Facial Muscles"

"Exercise #20 - Hands, Wrist and Fingers"

"Exercise #28 - Total Body Exercise (Keep It Moving)"

Aug 14, 2013

George Wright - Allen

George Wright
Artist: George Wright
Album: Allen 620 Digital Computer Organ
Released: ?

"The Hustle"

"Toccata on Popcorn"

Aug 7, 2013

Unknown Artist CD-R Demo

Unknown Demo CD-R
Artist: Unknown Artist
Album: Demo CD-R
Released: 2008

Track 10

Track 12