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Jul 25, 2012

Christine Wyrtzen - Critter County

Christine Wyrtzen
Artist: Christine Wyrtzen
Album: Critter County
Released: 1984
Label: Love Land Records

"Welcome To Critter County"

"Go Ye Into All The World"
"Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother"

Jul 18, 2012

Holy Spirit High School presents Guys and Dolls

Holy Spirit High School
Artist: Holy Spirit High School - Absecon, NJ
Album: Guys and Dolls
Released: ?
Studio: Drifting Star Recording Studio - Pleasantville, NJ

"The Oldest Established"

"More I Cannot Wish You"

"Sue Me"

Jul 11, 2012

Little Christopher - Brand New Blessing

Little Christopher
Artist: Christopher Darling
Album: Brand New Blessing
Released: 1984
Label: Mayberry Records
Studio: Granite City Studios, Inc. - Mount Airy, NC

"Brand New Blessing"