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Apr 16, 2014

Janet V. Coon - O Come To The Lord

Janet V. Coon
Artist: Janet V. Coon
Album: O Come To The Lord
Released: 1981
Studio: Jerry Garage Recording Studio - York, PA

"Last Night I Dreamed Of Heaven"

"There's A Reason Why I Was Borned"

Apr 9, 2014

Joey Welz - Biggest Hits From 60's-70's

Joey Welz
Artist: Joey Welz
Album: Biggest Hits From 60's-70's
Released: 1989
Label: Caprice International Records - Lititz, PA

"Crocodile Rock"

"You Shook Me All Night Long"

"I Think We're Alone Now"

Apr 2, 2014

Gene's Band

Gene's Band
Artist: Gene's Band - York, PA
Album: CD-R Demo
Released: ?

Track 8

Track 11