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Jul 29, 2011

"Hans" The Happy Wanderer

Hans The Happy Wanderer
Artist: Hans Hagemann - Harrisburg, PA
Album: At Home In Pennsylvania
Released: 1982
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA


Jul 26, 2011

Iva, Swinger of Waikiki

Iva Kinimaka
Artist: Iva Kinimaka
Album: Swinger of Waikiki
Released: ?
Label: Kolapa Records - Encino, CA

"Hawaiian Cowboy"

"Popoki Song (Alley Cat)"

Iva Kinimaka

Jul 22, 2011

Erotic Aerobics

Erotic Aerobics
Artist: Pierre Raymonde
Album: Erotic Aerobics
Released: 1982
Label: JAMB Productions

"Turn and Tease Me"

Jul 19, 2011

Jul 15, 2011

Carol Hensel's Exercise & Dance Program Vol. 2

Carol Hensel
Artist: Carol Hensel
Album: Exercise & Dance Program Volume 2
Released: 1981
Label: Vintage Records - Chicago, IL
Studio: Arnie Rosenberg's Recording Connection - Beachwood, OH

"Whip It"

Jul 12, 2011

Chris Anderson - Tomorrow

Chris Anderson
Artist: Chris Anderson
Album: Tomorrow
Released: 1981
Label: Anco Music Company

"Nine To Five"

Jul 8, 2011

The Hewitt Family - That Day Is Almost Here

The Hewitt Family
Artist: The Hewitt Family
Album: That Day Is Almost Here
Released: ?
Studio: Superior Sound Studios - Nashville, TN

"Jesus Is Coming Soon"

Jul 1, 2011

We Have Two - First Time Out

We Have Two
Artist: We Have Two
Album: First Time Out
Released: 1983
Studio: Baldwin Sound Productions - Mechanicsburg, PA

"Ladies Night"

"Good Hearted Woman"

We Have Two