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Feb 17, 2009

Charlie The Hamster Sings Bible Stories

Charlie The Hamster
Artist: Floyd Robinson
Album: Charlie The Hamster Sings Bible Stories For Boys & Girls
Released: 1973
Label: Singcord Recordings

"Books of the New Testament"

Feb 13, 2009

Strat Shufelt - Joy In My Heart

Strat Shufelt
Artist: J. Stratton Shufelt
Album: Joy In My Heart
Released: ?
Label: Ver Hage Recording

"Work For The Night Is Coming"

"Be Glad You're An American"

Feb 12, 2009

Mission W.O.O. - Till The World's Heard...

Mission W.O.O.
Artist: Mission W.O.O.
Album: Till The World's Heard...
Released: 2001
Label: The Orchard
Studio: Southwest Recording

"Thy Kingdom Come"

Feb 8, 2009

The Sisters & Brothers - The Lord's Prayer

The Sisters & Brothers
Artist: The Sisters & Brothers
Album: The Lord's Prayer
Released: 1974
Label: Peter Pan Records - Newark, NJ

"Spirit in the Sky"

Feb 5, 2009

Slim Whitman - God's Hand In Mine

Slim Whitman
Artist: Slim Whitman
Album: God's Hand In Mine
Released: 1966
Label: Liberty Records

"How Great Thou Art"

Feb 3, 2009

J.C. Power & Light Company - He Is The Music

Artist: J.C. Power & Light Company - Durham, NC
Album: He Is The Music
Released: 1980
Studio: Duke University Studios

"Soldiers of the Cross"

"Sail On"