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Feb 17, 2009

Charlie The Hamster Sings Bible Stories

Charlie The Hamster
Artist: Floyd Robinson
Album: Charlie The Hamster Sings Bible Stories For Boys & Girls
Released: 1973
Label: Singcord Recordings

"Books of the New Testament"


lightheart7200 said...

I had the Charlie the Hamster records when I was a child, and listened to them over and over; my parents still have them in my collection. To this day, I have the books of the New Testament memorized because of this song! I taught the song to my kids when they needed to memorize the NT books. Today my daughter got to hear the song at my folks' house for the first time, and she proceeded to listen to the entire record. There's nothing like dusting off the old record player!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where you got this record, Its a must have for my sisters and i, We loved it as children, my email addrss is Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I just got this record off ebay, i love it, Thank you.