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Apr 18, 2012

Jenson Publications - Marching Band '83

Jenson Publications
Artist: Jenson Publications, Inc.
Album: Marching Band '83
Released: 1983
Label: Jenson Publications, Inc.

"Eye Of The Tiger"

"Shadows Of The Night"

"Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy"


A guy at SEMO said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...if you have a digital copy (cassette or vinyl transfer) of Jenson MB 1983 that you can share (provide a copy of) with me, PLEASE e-mail me at (willing to pay for your trouble!). THANK YOU !! 6/26/12

Bill Zimmerman said...

I will put your request on my list of things to do. It may be some time 'till I get around to it.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mr. Zimmerman,

"CARMINA BURANA", marching arrangement by Jay Bocook, published by Jenson in 1983: is there any chance of getting, at least a copy of, the Printed Director's Score from a School or College that still has its printed set in its Music Library??!! No parts needed; just hoping to find a Study Score.

THANK YOU for ANY help that You can provide!