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Jan 30, 2013

At Home with The Lloyds

The Lloyd Family
Artist: The Lloyd Family - Red Lion, PA
Album: At Home with The Lloyds
Released: 1974
Studio: Red Lion Broadcasting Co. - Red Lion, PA

"The Meeting In The Air"

"Just Wait 'Til You See Me In My New Home"

Jan 16, 2013

March Into 1984

Columbia Pictures Publications
Artist: Columbia Pictures Publications
Album: March Into 1984
Released: 1984

"Major Tom"

"Suddenly Last Summer"

Jan 9, 2013

Pittsburgh 2nd Gospel Opry

Pittsburgh 2nd Gospel Opry
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Pittsburgh 2nd Gospel Opry
Released: ?

Larry Ahlborn "Added Privilege"

Larry Ahlborn

Jan 2, 2013

The Sounds of Our Times play Hey Jude

The Sounds of Our Times play Hey Jude
Artist: The Sounds of Our Times
Album: Hey Jude
Released: 1968
Label: Capitol Records

"Light My Fire"