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Dec 31, 2008

The Jubilees - Learning To Lean

The Jubilees
Artist: The Jubilees - Dillsburg, PA
Album: Learning To Lean
Released: ?
Studio: Waltersdorff Recording Studio - Thomasville, PA

"Learning To Lean"

"I Sould Have Been Crucified"

Dec 26, 2008

Stormie Omartian - Exercise For Life

Stormie Omartian
Artist: Stormie Omartian
Album: Exercise For Life
Released: 1983
Label: Sparrow Records

"Exercise For Life Part 1"

Dec 24, 2008

The OSM Christmas 2008 Compilation

Christmas 2008 Compilation

Click Here to download the OSM Christmas 2008 Compilation
and enjoy all the unique, odd and unusual music
you can handle in one sitting.

"Chock Full Of Love"

Merry Christmas!

Little Marcy - Christmas Is On It's Way

Little Marcy Christmas
Artist: Little Marcy (Marcy Tigner)
Album: Christmas Is On It's Way
Released: 1969
Label: Word Records

"Jingle Bells"

"Silver Bells"

Dec 22, 2008

Melvin G. Fromm Jr. - Fromm’s Country Music #1

Melvin G. Fromm Jr.
Artist: Melvin G. Fromm Jr.
Album: Fromm’s Country Music #1 (Best Of Best Songs)
Released: 2006
Purchase CD: CD Baby

"Don't Be Sad"

"My True Hero"

Dec 19, 2008

Rebecca Linda Smith Renewed - Timeless

Rebecca Linda Smith Renewed
Artist: Rebecca Linda Smith Renewed
Album: Timeless
Released: 2007
Label: Renewed Records
Purchase CD:

"Fast White Plane"

Dec 16, 2008

The Sisterhood - 45 Single

The Sisterhood
Artist: The Sisterhood
45 Single: On The Run / Can It Be?
Released: 1981
Label: MSR Records - Hollywood, CA

"On The Run"

Dec 10, 2008

Yvonne Hartman - When The Goin' Gets Tough

Yvonne Hartman
Artist: Yvonne Hartman - Oley, PA
Album: When The Goin' Gets Tough
Released: 2007
Studio: Bintner's Sound Garden - Douglassville, PA
Purchase CD:

"Rock For Jesus"

Dec 3, 2008

The Juddie Peytons - Because He Lives

The Juddie Peytons
Artist: The Juddie Peytons - Bedford, IN
Album: Because He Lives
Released: ?
Label: Crusade Enterprises - Flora, IL
Studio: Crusade Studios - Flora, IL

"Going Home"