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Jan 25, 2012

The Churchmen and Teresa - Sing It Like It Is

The Churchmen and Teresa
Artist: The Churchmen and Teresa - Harrisonburg, VA
Album: Sing It Like It Is
Released: ?
Studio: Major Recording Co. - Waynesboro, VA

"The Story Of Little Jim"


illustrationISM.... said...

To be honest..that's a great lesson on love
for one's brother!

totaljf1 said...

Hi Bill,
I'm Teresa from the Churchmen & Teresa. I was wondering if I knew you from the days when we would sing?
How funny to find one of our songs on the internet. I'm glad that even to this day, people are inspired by the message of the music. Funny, I was visiting with my parents last night and we pulled out some of our records, and then today there it is on the internet. God works in mysterious ways! God bless!

Bill Zimmerman said...

Hello Teresa,
I don't think we've ever met. I do have a number of Churchmen & Teresa albums in my collection. Most of your albums do not list the year they were released. I would appreciate any release info you could give me. Thanks.

totaljf1 said...

I will look into that for you and let you know.