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Aug 26, 2011

America, You're Too Young To Die!

America, You're Too Young To Die
Artist: The Life Action Singers
Album: America, You're Too Young To Die!
Released: 1980
Label: Life Action Music
Studio: Pinebrook Studios - Alexandria, IN

"America...It's My Home"

"American Nightmare"


Anonymous said...

I was a part of this album and I have the album but no phonograph to play it on. I also have the cassette but no cassette player. Before you had the option to play the two songs named. Many of my Life Action Singer team wanted a good digital of at least one or two songs. But, I see you do this for a living, I suppose. I live in Lebanon, PA so, looks like we are not that far away. Anyway, what would it take to load a digital of the entire album on your website or for us Life Action Alumni Singers?

Bill Zimmerman said...

I will put your request on my list of things to do. It may be some time 'till I get around to it.