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Mar 18, 2011

Star Wars Variations - Part 2

Pipe Organ Pizza
Artist: Clark Wilson
Album: Pipe Organ Pizza Presents Clark Wilson
Released: 1980

Curt Prina
Artist: Curt Prina
Album: Das digitale Klangwunder
Released: 1984
Label: Wersi Sound Production

Nancy Forry
Artist: Nancy Forry
Album: Enlightening Music at the Yamaha E-70 Organ
Released: ?
Studio: The KING'S Place - New Providence, PA


Anonymous said...

I have a very similar album of E-7O music, this one by a Debbie Culbertson. She does a couple of amazingly cheesy takes on hits from 1977. Apparently she was some kind of virtuoso on the Yamaha.
If I get around to ripping the two or more remarkable songs on it, I'll be sure to send them your way.

Bill Zimmerman said...

Thanks! I never get tired of cheesy organ covers. Looking forward to hearing it.