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Jan 11, 2011

Brightwood Youth Choir - How Big Is God

Brightwood Youth Choir
Artist: Brightwood Baptist Church Youth Choir
Album: How Big Is God
Released: ?

"What A Wonderful Day"

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William Jarrell said...

This church was located on HWY 29 north of Greensboro,NC. In the mid 1960s a dynamic minister named Ellis Adams took a small church and grew it into one of the areas first megachurches with a private school and a fleet of buses. In the mid 1970s Rev. Adams did time for tax evasion. His successor Ed Shelton didn't do much better. He resigned after allegations of adultery, which he denied. After that the church dwindled away. By the late 1980s it became the headquarters for a predominantly African-American Pentecostal denomination.