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Mar 11, 2010

Lee and Cindy Condran - The Patchwork Quilt

Lee and Cindy Condran
Artist: Lee and Cindy Condran - Annville, PA
Album: The Patchwork Quilt
Released: 1980
Label: Lee and Cindy Condran Music Company
Studio: Cedric Winters' Studio - Hershey, PA
            Atlantic Sound Productions - Marietta, PA

"Praise The Lord In Heaven"

"The Patchwork Quilt"

1 comment:

Rev Bob Teachout said...

I personally Know Lee and Cindy. They have been a blessing to me ever since they came to Syracuse to sing at the NY State Fair. Over the years, I have booked them into several churches in NY, WV and Va.

I have had many days of blessings with them as we have shared together.

Also, their music bless my wedding as our special singers sang "I Believe in the Power of Love.