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Oct 19, 2009

Brandt Gillespie - That's Home

Brandt Gillespie
Artist: Brandt Gillespie
Album: That's Home
Released: ?
Label: BGM Records
Studio: Helffrich Recording Labs

"I Picked A Winner"


Anonymous said...

Released in the late 1970's, this was Brandt's first solo album after having sung as bass singer for the Envoys, a Southern Gospel Music Quartet for several years prior

aih84 said...
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aih84 said...

Do you have any music by Brandt Gillespie for sale? Or do you know where I could find something like the album That's Home? I used to have all of his music, which I bought after he came to our church in the '70's, but foolishly I got rid of it because it was on vinyl. Or can you record the music onto CD and sell it to me?