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Sep 22, 2009

Otis Skillings - Life

Artist: Otis Skillings
Album: Life - A Young World Musical
Released: 1970
Label: Impact Records - Nashville, TN
Studio: Whitney Recording Studios - Glendale, CA

"Young Once"

"What Would Other People Think"

"A Phony"


Todd Walker said...

Wow this brings back a lot of memories! I did this as a youth back in the 70's, and actually the group I performed with are planning a reunion this summer. I have some questions for you about this musical and another one if you can contact me. My email is Thanks!

BIN said...
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Rick said...

I lived in San Diego while in the NAVY in the early '70's. My goal life after I got out in 1974 was to play guitar in either Living Sound or Otis Skilling's group.

So, after my enlistment was up, I auditioned with Otis in his home studio. He didn't care about my guitar playing abilities. He wanted to hear me sing. That was unexpected. Suffice it to say, many are called but few are chosen :)
I remember he was very encouraging, telling me not to give up etc.

I never did get to play with either of these groups but that's okay. God had different plans.

Hearing these cuts from that era made me smile.

BIN said...

I have two and ripped it down!

serge said...

any chance for a reupload? thanks in advance