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Mar 16, 2009

Little Marcy - Talks With The Animals

Little Marcy
Artist: Little Marcy (Marcy Tigner)
Album: Talks With The Animals
Released: 1968
Label: Word Records

"What Kind Of Animal?"

"Oh, Miss Chicken"


Anonymous said...

This brings back memories!!! I always sing Miss Chicken and Fumeroo with my older sister when we get together. =) Wish I had the whole album!

Ramona Quimby Lives said...

If you have the entire album, could you please post it in a downloadable form? I would really love to have it!

Ramona Quimby Lives said...

Hey Anonymous - you can download four of Little Marcy's albums here:

Anonymous said...

I grew up with this album and now have a farm. When walking through the fields I often find myself singing Oh Miss Chicken. After my father passed I think my mother let go of the album, but I sure do miss it. Thanks for posting this classic memory